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Pronunciation of Quine

Submitted from:  Boston MA USA (also correct for UK, Isle of Man)
Pronunciation:  qu ine

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Type of Name:  last name
Gender:  Male and Female
Origin:  Manx
Alternate Spelling(s):  (none)
Meaning:  counsel
Additional Information:  The Manx name 'Quine' is pronounced as a native English reader should guess. Unfortunately, because the name is rare, most people most get it wrong because they don't trust their instincts (the name is not spelled 'Quinn' nor is it pronounced that way).

* The name may be phonetically represented as: /kwi:n/
* The "Q" sounds like "Kw" or the beginning sound of quick, queen, quarry, and quarter.
* The wordname rhymes with: dine, fine, line, mine, nine, pine, sine, tine, vine, and wine
* So overall the name sounds like: "Kwine"


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